Are you looking for a home loan with zero down payments? People generally ask for low-down payment options before shopping for loan programs. However, is a zero or no down payment possible? The answer is yes. There are loan programs that provide absolute zero down payment options. We are not talking about a VA loan that is available to only the military or a USDA loan that is available in rural areas

Zero Down Payment Home Loan Programs

A down payment is the lump sum you pay to the lender as the first payment for your home loan. It’s generally 20% of the loan amount. However, the down payment may differ with the loan program.

Therefore, the down payment becomes a barrier for borrowers that have not saved or can not save. So, zero down payments become an option for people that are looking to buy a home.

Borrowers who are first-time buyers also look for zero-down payment programs. Borrowers looking for down payment options essentially wish to save money and have low savings, a 0 down payment option is something to consider.

Our 0 Down Program is for people that are in certain fields of work. They include 1st responders, Education professionals, School Employees, Medical Professionals, Medical Facility Employees, Civil Servants, Military, Veterans, and Retirees. This program may not be available without notice. Call client services (949) 979-6934 8 am to 5 pm M-F to check the availability of this program.

The following get top priority:

Other include the following:

This program covers the down payment. The earnest money deposit, and closing costs are additional costs for the transaction.  The seller may cover some or all the closing costs. The buyer will need an earnest money deposit for the transaction.

These social gems deserve such programs of zero down payments for the service they provide to our society.

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