Where to Find the Best Mortgage Services in California?

mortgage service in california

Are you looking for a good mortgage service in california? If yes, then you’ll get one of the best-rated providers of mortgage services in Newport, California. At Obsidian Financial Services, you’ll get the most efficient comparison tool to help you decide on the best mortgage rates. You can also evaluate your property, apply for pre-approval, and refinance your mortgage.

Following are the mortgage services that you can get at Obsidian Financial Services:

Get a Pre-Approval for Mortgage Services in California

You need a good credit score and stable financial background to get a pre-approval for mortgage. After understanding your situation and verifying your documents, we help you with this process.

Once you get your mortgage pre-approved, the process of getting your home loan becomes much faster. Both purchasing the property and sanctioning your home loan for the same become easier for you.

Choose Your Mortgage Services in California

We provide mortgage services for any property you purchase in California. We operate from Newport, but our services apply to all areas in California. These include the following most popular residential locations:

  • San Jose
  • Sacramento
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Rosa
  • Fresno
  • Vallejo & Fairfield
  • Salinas
  • Modesto
  • Bakersfield
  • Visalia
  • Stockton

From conventional loans to government loans, we provide you with all kinds of services. Once we evaluate your financial background, our team offers the best mortgage plans applicable to you. With the help of our rate comparison tool, you can choose the best one for yourself.

Following are the types of loans you can apply for:

Conventional Mortgage Loans: A traditional loan is sanctioned privately and can have either a fixed or adjustable interest rate.

FHA Loans: These loans are sanctioned by the Federal Housing Administration of California, a popular choice for first-time home buyers.

VA Loans: These loans are sanctioned by the US Department of Veteran Affairs and applicable only to those who have served or are currently serving in the military.

USDA Loans: These are sanctioned by the United States Department of Agriculture and are applicable for getting a property in a rural area of California.

Evaluate Your Property

Evaluating your property helps you understand its actual value. This helps you not only during its purchase, but also for getting mortgage refinancing services or get a reverse mortgage service in California. It also puts you in a better position to choose the best mortgage terms for your home loan.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing an existing mortgage can help you save money on interest or use the amount for home improvement or renovation. If you have home equity and are in the middle of your tenure, then we provide refinancing services everywhere in California.

You can get a property evaluation service before applying for a mortgage refinance. Based on the value of your property, we provide you with the best offers for refinancing. This also applies to cash-out refinancing of a mortgage.

Get Reverse Mortgage Services in California

If you are 62 or above, you can apply for a reverse mortgage loan in California. If you have home equity, then you can use it for living expenses, healthcare, home improvement, or travel expenses. The loan terminates upon the will or death of the borrower or the sale of the property. After termination, the borrower’s heir is liable to pay it back.

To Sum it Up

To ensure you get the best mortgage services in California, you should be able to weigh all your options. With Obsidian, you get the right tools to do so.

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