5 Steps to Calculate the Value of a Home with an Online Mortgage Refinance Calculator

mortgage refinance calculator

Looking to refinance your home loan? If yes, then you need to know what value will you get. So, how will you estimate your home value through a refinance mortgage calculator? You’ll find all your answers here. Let’s start from scratch.

What Is A Refinance Mortgage?

A refinance mortgage asks for a home loan when you are already under an existing one. The previous mortgage is replaced by refinancing to pay off the debt and a home loan against favorable financial aspects. It is borrowing again for a home loan but with a lower interest rate and better financial layoffs. 

A refinance mortgage is not easily accessible as it requires a home inspection, multiple documentation, paperwork, and appraisal. Lenders also check your credit score, history, bank statements, and debt-to-income ratio to give a green signal for refinancing. 

But it brings various financial benefits for the applicant along with certain cash liabilities such as:

  • Additional application fee for mortgage
  • Refinancing expenses such as appraisal and home inspection fee
  • Up to 5% of the original loans’ outstanding principal
  • If your loan period is less than five years, you may have to pay a fee when refinancing.

Benefits That Engrossed People In Refinancing A Mortgage

The following are the key benefits of refinancing a mortgage:

  • Lower Interest rate
  • Increase the duration of the loan for lower down payments
  • Switch from ARM to fixed mortgage rate
  • Consolidate debt
  • Utilize your improved credit score against lower interest rate

How Does Refinancing Help You To Estimate The Home Value?

Here’s how you can calculate your home value by refinancing your mortgage:

Calculate All Your Refinance Costs

If you have 20%equity of your current mortgage value, you have the edge to apply for refinancing. With an improved credit score, refinance will lay off some financial reduction in interest rates. Still, you need to pay the extra expense for refinancing the mortgage. These include appraisal costs, lender inspection, and documentation costs. Also, an additional 6-10% of your outstanding principal costs. 

Determine The Estimated Value Of The Property 

Determine the value through a real estate agent, financial advisor, or property consultant. The consultants will give you the approximate rate of your house according to the market. The current amount, including the taxes, will ensure the right time for the refinance mortgage or not.

Calculate The Interest Rate

You can save thousands of dollars with a lower interest rate. It can help you save enough to pay off debts or build equity. 

Check To Refinance Break-Even Point

Once you calculate the overall monthly installment amount on refinancing. It’s time to check your breakeven point. It determines how many years it would take to recover your refinance mortgage. Take help from your financial consultant to determine the breakeven point. This would help you know the savings and profits you will gain from refinancing. 

Finally, Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

The final step will help you evaluate your home value. Try to get the best mortgage rate. This will bring financial freedom soon. And also helps to determine the value of your house. Your monthly down payment will add to other costs determining your property’s value. 

These five steps will majorly add up to give you your property value. It also helps you determine the financial advantage of selling your home in the next five years or later. Follow this to measure the value of your property and attain financial advantages. 

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